2018 Children’s Writing Competition








It’s that time of year once more – our under 16’s writing competition has officially launched!

This year’s theme is – drum roll please…. LAUGHTER!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Select your Key Stage/ age band and follow the instructions that are specific for you. For example all Key Stage 1 applicants will be drawing a picture of a character that you find funny. For Each Key Stage/ age application briefs please see below.
  2. Once you have drawn your picture or created your acrostic or written your short story you hand it in to your teacher (if your school is participating – please check before you hand it in) or you drop it off at the book shop with your NAME, AGE, SCHOOL and a CONTACT NUMBER clearly visible on the back or stapled to your entry by Friday 9th March!

Key Stage 1 draw a picture of a character from a book who made you laugh. Tell us why you chose them.

Key Stage 2 using the letters of the word LAUGHTER make up an acrostic. Each letter should begin a sentence or phrase about a character or event from a book which amused you. The 8 examples can be taken from the same or different books.
Eg T- Toad sitting in the road repeating “Poop, Poop”
U- Under Paddington’s hat a marmalade sandwich
Entries can be illustrated.

11-16 year olds – write a short story of approx 200 words. Your story can be on any topic but somewhere must contain the phrase “the sound of laughter”.

Closing date is 5.30pm Friday 9th March.

Good Luck from all of us at the Bookshop! 

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