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Author - Kira

Posted on 23rd November 2020

We recently announced the launch of, a brand new website that is a socially conscious alternative to Amazon. Subsequently we have had many questions about shopping on and how best to support independent bookshops.

What is the best way I can support CW & GX bookshops?
Without a doubt, the best way to support us is to continue what you’re doing! Whether that’s visiting the bookshop in person, ordering over the telephone, email or via our own website.

Why have you decided to be a part of
We appreciate that for some people, buying books online is their preferred way to shop. offers a way for them to shop online while still supporting local bookshops. Visiting our shopfront on means that for every book they buy, we will earn a small commission on the sale.

How do I ensure I’m supporting CW & GX bookshop on
Using the following links will take you directly to our shopfronts. The website will then set a cookie which will ensure any future sales are credited to us.

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