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Big Ideas For Young Thinkers : 20 questions about life and the universe



The book for inquisitive children with big ideas and busy brains. Studies show that children ask caregivers 300 questions a day… This book teaches children to train their busy brains and think outside the box.

Get lost for hours exploring puzzling questions that have stumped thinkers for years. More importantly, discover your truth by reading about a diverse range of thinkers. Drawing on influences from ancient Greeks right up to modern-day British writers, philosophy is re-imagined in this book.

Relate to the real-life experiences, explore big ideas from a range of thinkers, and decide where you stand on the issue at hand. For example, try to recall your earliest memory. Can you remember a lot or a little? Do memories make us who we are? Or do we pick and choose them to suit who we are? This is a multi-layered book to be explored again and again, revealing new opinions on every read.

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