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Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook : The Need-To-Know Facts and Stats on Over 150 Different Species


Walk with prehistoric giants and learn everything about our reptilian predecessors in this complete guide to dinosaur life. Welcome to the world of dinosaurs, you’re going to need to learn quickly if you don’t want to be dinner for a Dimetrodon! Lucky for you, you picked up the Ultimate Dinosaur Handbook! This superb fact-packed book contains everything you need to separate your Stegosaurus from your Spinosaurus, Jurassic from Triassic, and carnivores from herbivores. With details on dinosaur habitats, dinosaurs of the sea and sky, prehistoric beasts, and who would win in a battle, you will be able to answer any question on how the world was 250 million years ago.

This ultimate handbook contains facts and stats about more than 150 different species of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. Each animal profile is packed with vital statistics of their size, weight, where they lived, and unique facts. There is even a size chart on some pages comparing them to humans, so you will be able to see how you shape up to these Triassic titans.

If you love dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, are fascinated by their history and biology, and want to know everything about them, then this handbook is the perfect companion.