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Dying of Politeness: A Memoir – Geena Davis



Academy Award Winner. Humanitarian campaigner. Mensa member. Star of Beetlejuice, The Accidental Tourist and Thelma and Louise.

In this stunning memoir, Geena Davis offers a witty, warm, honest account of her life.

The path to empowerment never did run smooth.

Davis might now be an A-List celebrity with two Academy Awards and a major humanitarian award under her belt, but she began life painfully polite.

In this memoir, she tells stories of meeting the supremely independent and sharp-shooting Susan Sarandon, the Louise to her Thelma; of her spontaneous Las Vegas wedding to Jeff Goldblum; of her archery exploits which led her to the Olympic trials; and of how she became a tireless advocate for women and girls, founding her own institute which engages film and TV creators to better represent women.

Warm, entertaining, revealing and surprising, this is a book for fans of Nora Ephron, for those interested in life behind the Hollywood facade, and in how a remarkable woman gained the courage to campaign for women worldwide.

NB. This title will be published on the 13th October 2022.

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