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The Runaway Pea Left Behind – Kjartan Poskitt


We’re on the way back from a big shopping trip but the bag’s caught a nail and it’s started to rip. Dropetty PLOP! Now what could that be? All on his own it’s a left-behind pea. Disaster strikes when Pea falls out of the shopping bag .

. . Is this the end? Is it ALL OVER FOR PEA?! Of course it’s not! Follow Pea as he journeys across the city on a skateboard, and bus, and even on the wings of a passing-by bird – and has the adventure OF A LIFETIME! Sometimes it pays to be small .

. . THE RUNAWAY PEA LEFT BEHIND is laugh-out-loud funny, bursting with imagination, and the most perfect third story in this much-loved series.

The first book, THE RUNAWAY PEA, was chosen as BookTrust’s Time to Read book of 2020, being given to 775,000 children in the UK.

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