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What Happened to the Pharaoh’s Brain


Author: Tim Cooke

Take a look at the wackier side of history!Why did the first pyramids fall down? How did Tutankhamun die? And what really happened to the pharaoh’s brain? Discover the answers to these questions and much more in A Question of History: The Ancient Egyptians!With an engaging question and answer format, this series draws young readers into the fascinating, sometimes gruesome, world of famous peoples and civilisations through history. Each spread opens with a simple question, opening up an exploration of an aspect of the life of a people or civilisation and busting some popular myths along the way!The lively lay-out is supported by annotated photos and cartoons, making history fun and accessible for every young reader. Titles in the series: What happened to mummies’ brains? And other questions about the Ancient EgyptiansDid the kings of Benin really keep pet leopards? And other questions about the kingdom of BeninDid the Celts really use hair gel? And other questions about the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze AgeWhy did the ancient Greeks use elephants in battle? And other questions about the ancient GreeksWhy did the Maya stick needles in their tongues? And other questions about the MayaDid the Romans really eat flamingos? And other questions about the RomansWhy did the Shang write on turtles? And other questions about the Shang Dynasty Did the Vikings really wear horns on their helmets? And other questions about the Vikings

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