A Guide to Student Cookbooks…

Its that’s time of year again when the heartstrings of parents all around the UK feel tugged as the first tentative steps of leaving home are taken – yes, the annual university convoy. Or is that the ‘rose tinted’ glasses version? and the reality is – thank goodness for that, I may be able to see that bedroom floor now and not clear up the wild destruction of the kitchen by an amateur masterchef.

Whatever the feelings, one thing cannot be denied good: food is linked to good health and we want our children, friends and family to have the best nutrition possible.

Balancing a new routine and study workload with a frantic social life can be a challenge, luckily there is plenty of help at hand as we have a wide range of cookbooks to suit all tastes and palates.

The ‘200 Student Meals’ (all colour cookbook) has everything from falafel burgers to rum and raisin chocolate brownies, and yes, a great recipe for chilli con carne with only a 5-minute preparation time what could be better!

It is some time since my student days. When I was told there was no student accommodation immediately available but just to turn up with a sleeping bag where I could sleep in the student’s union! Possibly today’s teenagers would baulk at such things seeing as everyone now demands their own bathrooms! However, cooking on a budget, with a need for quick, nutritious and healthy recipes is timeless.

Another good option are the Jo Wicks cookbooks, ‘Lean in 15’ is very popular with those who like to hit the gym, I know students who enjoy cooking from this regularly, it also includes post-gym workout recipes.

‘The Hungry Student One Pot cookbook’ is a favourite, with over 200 easy to follow and cheats recipes it rates dishes by affordability and there is a ‘one pot recipe’ for every occasion.
Its counterpart, ‘The Hungry Student Cookbook’ is great for real foodies with over 200 quick and simple recipes, including cocktails, this provides all you need to cook amazing food on a budget.

‘Vegan On The Go’ contains lots of advice to help those opting for a vegan diet, from fast affordable menus to store cupboard basics and ordering in restaurants. A fantastic book.

With all that studying and being a clever clogs, why not look after yourself and have clever guts too!
‘The Clever Guts Diet’ by Dr Michael Mosley describes how to maintain great gut health and a robust immune system. Containing recipes and advice about what to eat and what to avoid, this book is a must to keep happy and healthy with all that partying! Good Luck to you all in your studies.

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