Chorleywood Shop



The Chorleywood Bookshop is owned by Sheryl Shurville and has been around for over forty years.

“When I first started out my only qualification in running a bookshop was a love of books! My vision was simple: it was to get people reading and to maintain a love of buying books.”

Since then, the Chorleywood Bookshop has become a brand in its own right, universally acknowledged as a successful bookseller and prominent event organiser by publishers, authors and schools alike.

The bookshop is comprised of a core team of dedicated, knowledgeable and above all, passionate staff. Its innovative community outreach work with local businesses, charities and libraries has captured the hearts and minds of locals.

Opening hours

Monday  – Saturday: 9am – 5:30pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm



7 New Parade

Telephone: (01923) 283566