Terms & Conditions

Web purchases

We sell event tickets and books via our website. We refer to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to define our legal responsibilities for all transactions. Some specific points are made below.

Event tickets


Event tickets purchased via this website incur a charge per ticket and tickets are sent via email.

Returns and refunds

Unless an event is sold out and we have a waiting list, or the event is cancelled, we will not refund or exchange any unwanted event tickets. You may transfer the ticket to another person, please contact the shop and let us know the name of the person using the ticket.



A limited selection of books can be bought via our website. A postage charge will apply to each book posted.


We aim to despatch books bought via our website within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Returns and refunds

The return of books wrongly supplied or damaged is accepted. We will refund you in full (inc the same amount of postage we charged to cover your costs or less if fewer items are returned) once we have received the book/s. Alternatively in some cases we will accept a photo of the wrong or damaged book/s and the packaging.

Shop purchases


Books, event tickets, cards, wrapping paper, gifts can be bought in the shop or ordered over the phone.

Refunds & exchanges

With the exception for event tickets we do not give cash refunds. We may exchange items or give shop vouchers at the managers discretion. You must present your receipt and the goods must be in resaleable condition.

For event tickets, please see above.