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Dr Chintal’s Kitchen – Dr Chintal Patel


Make everyday cooking and eating at home as enjoyable and nourishing as possible, with accessible, affordable and tasty recipes the whole family will love. Specifically developed with challenges such as different tastes and diets, tight budgets and a lack of time in mind, Dr Chintal has taken the guesswork out of meal planning.

  • No time? Turn to the 15-minute Meals or Time-saver Tray Bakes. A simple meal made from store-cupboard staples can still be delicious, nutritious and balanced. Or, when you’re ready for a culinary adventure, dive into the Friday-night Feasts chapter. There are recipes for weeknights and for celebrations.
  • Every recipe includes a vegetarian or vegan option, if it is not already vegetarian or vegan
  • Introduction includes detail on the science of nutrition and the rest of the book shows how to straightforwardly put that theory into delicious practice. The focus is very much on which foods to include to enhance your diet for optimum nutrition and health – what you can add to your plate – rather than on cutting out or restricting any foods, particularly those that you enjoy. Everything else, from optimum nutrition to maintaining a healthy weight, then falls into place.

This is so much more than just a cookbook: it is a guide to family-friendly cooking and nutrition, written by a doctor who understands the real-life challenges of working parents, who may sometimes have to feed fussy, young eaters.