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How to Win a Grand Prix – Bernie Collins



Race-winning team strategist shows how F1 really works.

Welcome to Bernie Collins’ world. Formula 1 drivers are the public face of Grand Prix racing but behind every driver is a team of several hundred people sharing the same passionate desire to win. On race day it’s the Team Strategist who calls the shots, working under immense pressure to make split second and crucial decisions. Through her eyes and experience as a Performance Engineer and Head of Race Strategy, Bernie takes you behind the scenes of a Formula 1 team – both in the factory and at the races – to uncover what it takes to put two Formula 1 cars on the grid and go racing.

How to Win a Grand Prix gives incredible insight of the entire process from design and construction, through pre-season testing, and how a team prepares for each Grand Prix. For race weekend itself, Bernie recreates it hour-by-hour to plunge the reader behind the pit wall and see what it’s actually like to get from grid to podium.

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